Frequently Asked Questions


A. General

1. What is ditto?

Ditto is a social app that helps you find interesting people to do things with, right when you want to

2. Why does it take so long to load initially?

The app unpacks all its components the first time you load it, so that it load quicker when you open it in the future

3. Oh no, how come I didn't get any notification about new activity plans? :'(

Possible reasons for not receiving notifications:

  • Your internet connection is slow or limited;
  • You have disabled all notifications in the Ditto settings;
  • You have unchecked Show notifications in Settings > Apps > Ditto;
  • You are on the planning page, or have not ended an active plan

If you have verified that your notification settings are correct in both your phones and Ditto settings and you do not receive notifications, this is more than likely an issue with your connection, Google or Apple's Push Notification Service. Try uninstalling and reinstalling the app

B. Registration and notifications

1. Why do I have to log in with Facebook? Can I not?

No, all ditto accounts must be linked to an active facebook account. This is to ensure a verified community of users. Fake accounts are flagged, suspended and eventually banned

2. Why, on some occasions, do I have to key in my email, age or gender?

This is so that we can show you relevant activity plans matching your preferences

3. Where do I get a promo code?

Get it from your friends already on Ditto, or on Ditto's Facebook page. You get a 500 Ditto Credit bonus if you sign up with a promo code

4. Why do I need to type a personal description?

So that people know that you're real and interesting

5. Oh okay, how do I change my preferences?

You tap the menu button on the top right corner and press discovery preferences. Here you can set preferences for age, gender and distance. Save and go back to the homepage.


C. Like a plan you see?

1. Why don't I see any active plans on the homepage?

Because there have been no plans posted that match your preferences

2. How will i know if there is an active activity plan?

You will receive a notification on your phone. It works even with the app closed. (No notifications? See Answer A.3)

3. Great, so there's an active plan going on. What's the timer thing on the right hand side?

That's a timer telling you how long the plan will be active for. If you ignore it, the timer will simply expire and the plan will disappear. You have 10 minutes!

4. I don't like some of the plans I see, what can I do about them?

Just ignore, they'll be gone when the time expires


5. What happens when I tap "say yes" to one of the plans?

It tells the planner that you're interested. This not mean that you are automatically confirmed for the plan. Status will now change to "awaiting confirmation" for the planner to confirm.

6. How long will I have to wait until I get a notification on whether or not I am confirmed?

It will not take longer than 20 mins

7. I didn't get any notification, so I checked my phone, the plan "awaiting confirmation" is gone?

The planner decides to cancel the activity

8. I am not confirmed, now what?

Well sometimes, the planner decides to go with another person instead. #Life

9. Oh yes, I'm confirmed, now what?

Great, you can now chat with the other person and arrange logistics. Remember it is your right to end activity any time with no penalties

10. I have tapped "say yes" by accident, how do I cancel??

Just ignore it. If you're not confirmed, nothing. In the event if you're confirmed, just end activity. There are no penalties

11. What happens when I end activity?

You get taken to a page where you rate your experience with that particular person. 5 stars - awesome! 1 star - Meh. You can also state whether the plans were cancelled, or if it was a no show from the other person

D. Making an activity plan

1. Awesome, I'm in, how do I make a new activity plan?

See the big "make a plan" button down there? Go ahead and push it.

  1. Now input what you have in mind, choose from the list or type in your own plans
  2. Where you plan to do it, choose from the list or search your own
  3. Finally if you want to increase the number of people that say yes to your plans, feel free to put in a tip
  4. Now find your ditto!

2. I don't want to make plans, I want to see what's up, how do I change my status?

Same thing, go to menu, discovery preferences, select "accepter", update information, and back to home . Or you can just tap the button below and it takes you back to being an accepter

3. Why do I have to wait 10 minutes?

This is to ensure sufficient time for your plans to be seen by people in your area. Too short, means that people may miss it. too long, and it defeats the purpose of being "on-demand, right in the moment"

4. Okay so the 10 minutes were up and it says Ditto not found. What does that mean?

That means no one within your preference had said yes to your plans. Wait a bit and try again

5. Okay so I've tried like 5 times in a row and there's still no one accepting it, whyyyyy?

There are a few reasons for this:

  • You probably made your plans at an odd time period, like 4am in the morning on a weekday or during office hours
  • There's not many people near you with your preference with the app installed (share your promo code!)
  • Your plan is not that interesting
  • Your profile does not stand out (You should totally update it man)



6. Woohoo! Finally I get a list of people who have said yes to my plans, now what?

Feel free to look through their profiles, if they look like fun interesting people, go ahead and confirm. If not, just ignore them

7. So what happens when I ignore?

Nothing, that person will simply be disconnected from your screen

8. And what happens when I confirm?

Great, you are now connected with the other person, go ahead and say hi!

9. More than 1 people look interesting, can I confirm both of them?

Unfortunately, you can only choose 1. Ditto does not support a party yet. Its in the pipeline though, watch out for it!


E. Security & Privacy

1. Is Ditto an escort app?

No. Ditto is not an escort app and we do not endorse any services of prostitution in any way. We facilitate activities that are mutually agreeable by both parties.

2. What if something bad happens?

Take care of yourself! Always meet in a public area, and always walk away if you are not comfortable. As laid out in out terms of service, Ditto is not liable for anything unpleasant that happens during the meet-up as the arrangement was mutually agreeable.

3. Are users verified?

Anyone with a verified Facebook profile can use the app. A community monitoring network takes over and automatically suspends and eliminates poor users

4. Will my profile be anonymous?

As there are no ability to "search" for users, your profile will not be shown until you choose to say yes to an activity plan. Even then, you will only be shown to the planner. There are no profiles to swipe, there are no buttons to search. Users will not be able to see a list of "Potential partners" unless they make an activity plan

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